FAQ/ Care tips

Q: How much hair do I need?

A: We suggest the following:


Number of Bundles Needed 


3 or more 


4 or more 

Q: Can I bleach/ color the hair? 

A: Yes, and to be safe we highly suggest that the hair extensions are colored by a professional.

Q: What type of products do I use?

A: A high quality sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner. Be sure to thoroughly wash products out of your extensions. After washing be sure to never sleep with wet extensions in your head. The extensions can easily matte when not properly dried before bed

Q: How often should I wash my extensions?

A: Once a week. 

Q: How do I dry my extensions?

A: If the extensions are not in your head, the best way to dry is to thoroughly detangle and air dry your extensions. If the extensions are in your head, the best way to dry is to thoroughly detangle and sit under an overhead hair dryer. The second best way to dry your extensions regardless of if they are in your head or not is blow drying. Blow drying with a brush/ comb typically straightens the hair, while a diffuser will keep the original pattern of the hair intact. 

Q: Can I flat iron the hair? 

A: Yes, be sure to treat the hair as your own and do not leave the flat iron or any heating device on longer than you normally would. 

Q: Should anything be done daily?

A: Yes, we recommend that you at least comb/ brush through your extensions everyday. Start at the ends and work your way up to the top

Q: How long does the hair extensions last?

A: When the hair extensions are treated properly they can last from 6 months-2 years. 

Q: Is shedding normal?

A: Yes, minimal shedding is normal.  

Q: How long is processing, shipping and handling?

A: Processing takes 2-4 business days.

Shipping and handling takes 5-10 business days.